March cancer 2020 horoscope

They will go through different trials from which they will need to learn.

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They need to understand the boundaries set in relationships, and to be ready to learn from the lesson they will receive from each one. Early in , an abrupt upheaval may occur in your relationships but they are of a short duration of only a month or so. Love and romance matter to you more than anything and love, marriage, children will rule your life in This year, however, there will be a touch of fun and lightness that has not been there in recent years.

It will simply be more stimulating and enjoyable. Creativity in family relationships will be present and will translate even to your work world.

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Your work and career in will see a more confident and attractive you. It will be especially noticeable in mid-summer after some almost frantic months in late spring.


Creativity and innovation will be hallmarks this year in your world of work. An unusual opportunity for faraway travel may happen. You would be wise to get spending under control and this is the time to seek outside advice with investments and long term financial commitments. Your evident increase in self-confidence will also attract opportunities to you and they may even seem to come out of nowhere. Your savings habits will be rewarded with investing habits as the summer passes and you will find personal empowerment.

Cancer Horoscope A Year of Freedom And Discovery

You will be in control of your finances. Caution, however, in that you do not mix your finances with others, which could undo all the hard work you have done in recent years. By especially about mid-summer you will beam health and wellness.

It will be self-confidence expressed in your being. An increase in health will occur but know that it is the result of the hard lessons learned in past recent years. Second decan, you always receive the benevolent injunctions of Neptune inciting you to more empathy and open-mindedness. The partner takes an increased importance this month, up to you to manage it positively.

Cancer 2020 yearly horoscope

Give of yourself, with equity, preserve your sensitivity. Beautiful, powerful energies accompany you this month, intensity! First decan, Uranus in Taurus shakes your landmarks, a bit, for your well-being! There are prisons, even gilded, which it is healthy to leave! Mars in Capricorn, suggests some shouting matches in your relationship. While Saturn, as of the 23rd, returns to Aquarius thus weakening the changes that must be made. Stay confident! Love in General: From the 5th, Venus in Taurus serves your purpose!

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You should be full of sensual feelings. Mars in beautiful aspect of Venus and your Sun, announces a protected emotional life. Pay attention however to Mars, facing your sign, in Capricorn, it can make you too reactive in your relationship. Communication will be fluid, almost telepathic especially after the 18th.

Health according to Cancer Horoscope 2020

In a relationship: Happiness is announced by the universe, especially if you have the maturity to manage a harmonic but combative Mars! Feelings accompany desire and invite you, of course, to live them fully.

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Just be sure to let your partner share his or her freedom or opinion that is counter to yours. Single: The social sector will be conducive to romantic encounters. You run away from the adventure of a night, but this month offers you something else. Jupiter, Pluto and Mars could facilitate a meeting made to last.

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