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Savor the task. Feel the ecstasy of everything finally falling into place. Emotions run deep during this energy, and an opposition between Venus and Uranus could signify an intoxicating attraction, The month begins with two sign changes: Mars arrives in Libra on October 3rd, urging a The year begins with an early Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, indicating that the time for dreaming is over: action is now needed. Venus conjuncts Jupiter in late January, shortly before The Forecast Calendar is a useful daily almanac that displays the planetary positions and the influences they are making each day.

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Astrology is a language of symbols. Find out what to expect from an astrology reading and schedule one with Kelli Fox. Daily Horoscope. Wednesday, October 9 th , If you want to get allies in your corner, you'll have to bring your ideas down to earth.

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Don't tone it down too far. Today will find you vague and moody. Today you're as peaceful as a dove which means you're content to let others run the show. Be a benevolent despot for a few days. Good health is as temporary as you let it be. Sad eyes and a trembling lip aren't doing the job anymore. Your motives are deep, your convictions pure. Maybe you can't cope. She offers guidance week after week that is practical, mystical, and that helps you help yourself. Lanyadoo answers a listener's question maybe yours! In the second half, it's the horoscope corner, including best practices for your week ahead.

Lanyadoo delivers tools for living your very best Play later. Ever wonder how the stars correlate with our emotional blueprint? Gain insight in just three minutes with daily episodes that will help you navigate your day.

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Relationships come to the forefront this week as Venus moves into the sensual waters of Scorpio. Expect opportunities to deepen commitments around what you value the most. A fearless mindset will usher in a heightened excitement as the weekend Aries Full Moon approaches. Get ready to clear any emotional blocks you have.

Doing so will invite a n The First Days of Love.. Blending common sense with originality wins the day during the Moon-Uranus trine. Think ingenious, cutting-edge ideas, but applied to and implemented through traditional tried-and-true methods. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn get an inventive boost. Use this e Cosmic influences in October will bring another class in communication studies. You will never be able to control the action or reaction of a cannabis companion, but you ca The second Fall month will be a tale of two cosmic influences.

With an increasing workload, and a shifting landscape, the stoner Bull must puff puff plan their strategy for October. There is The second fall month could be seen like running through fields of budding cannabis trees. So many wonderful plants, you will want to h The planetary lights are green, and the terrestrial toking is lit. But progress in October will form from a slow burn versus a fast hit. The stoner Scorpion tale of the second Fall month will be s This season will be marked by mellow moods, and a steady flow of positive emanations.

Events created by yourself will be minimal, but the stoner Pisces can draw excitement and adventur These are the traits that will propel you forward in October. Vibrant: Universal influences will target the little engine that could inside of you. Open: New situations and people will come i The planets have aligned to rain positivity in October.

Socially the period will be a bonding experience of breakthroughs balancing the scales of justice and love. Self discovery will blend with exploration of cannabis companions, There will always be those moments when you feel stuck in the grind: Like everything is out of your control, and you are helpless but to endure whatever the universe decides to dump on you. The stoner crab is soft on the inside, and hard on the outside. The second Fall month will be split into two halves in which both of your characteristics will protect and pull you forward.

The two halves of October will You can expect sunny skies and smooth rides as you begin your autumnal adventures; but this ease of movement Nghe Sau. After the steady grind of a busy summer season, this may be a welcomed change of pace. Use m Throughout the month you can expect to soar!

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Flying higher than a kite, riding the supportive cosmic winds to new elevations. Keep in mind however, other stoner signs may have diffe See All.

Daily Astrology and Horoscope Forecast by Astrologer Kelli Fox for Thursday, October 10, 2019.

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App Description. App Store Kelli Fox offers new insights, every day with fun horoscopes and authentic astrology. You can delve deeper with the astrological Overview section and take a sneak peek at the week ahead with the Forecast section. All in a simple to use, free application for your iPhone. Read More Read Less. People who viewed this app also viewed.

Astro Horoscope by Kelli Fox

Ask App Recommendations. App Store 2. It makes my day: 2. Improved video performance for each of the signs daily horoscope and the daily overview. Increased the window size in the "Extra's" section to enhance usability.